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What is Devised Theatre?

Devised theatre is the practice of creating theatre with an emphasis on collaboration and the creative process. In devised theatre, ideas are constantly being contributed and melded together and curated to create a full show. This can range from script and narrative ideas to show format and design elements to promotion tactics and more. Even after the curtain goes down, the work isn’t over, as every piece will always have potential to adapt and evolve.


Who is a deviser?

A deviser is anyone who creates. Devisers often wear many hats in all of the development, production, and performance aspects of a theatre piece. From conception to realization to further development, devisers often challenge themselves to think outside the box and adapt to challenges. This is exactly what you can expect from our 4th year devisers, who are excited to bring you this year’s Devised Theatre Festival, Loading Connection.


Loading Connection 2021

In an era that requires us all to be distanced and living life through our screens, the essence of human connection is lost in some senses, and taking on different forms in others. This year’s theme, Loading Connection, seeks to bring back theatre in the digital space and the connections it creates. We have a variety of “outside-the-box” shows to see and hear, interact with, and take you on your own journey in the new age of theatre.



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