by Thought Rot Theatre

HomeGrown is an immersive online theatrical experience that invites its participants to explore the possibilities in their space, in their circumstances and in themselves. Originally formed as an in-person performance that would explore what it would be like to enter a sound, HomeGrown has developed into an online encounter that prioritizes the audience's personal journey. By carving your own path, you take from this show whatever you give, and in turn, have a chance to reflect on it. Welcome home, we've missed you.

As an audience member, you're welcomed onto a platform and introduced to the concept of "worlds". You move between these worlds based on decisions that you make as a participant. As you proceed, the intensity and intimacy of the worlds progresses. You are invited to use what is available to you physically and emotionally, and make the experience entirely your own.

Content warnings: upsetting situations, sudden & loud sounds, reference to substance use, invited use of controlled flame, coarse language


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Cast & Crew

Chloe Headshot.JPG

Chloe Currie (she/her)


Chloe is very excited to be presenting HomeGrown to its first audience. While devising is her main passion, she also loves working behind the scenes as a stage manager. Her most recent stage managing credits include Theatre@York’s production of The Antigone Play, as well as There’s a Ghost in the House, which premiered at York’s 2020 playGround festival. Chloe would like to thank the wonderful Thought Rot team, as well as her incredible peers in the 2021 graduating class. Growing and learning alongside these talented individuals has been such a blessing, and Chloe cannot wait to see the great things they will all accomplish in the future.


Céleste A. LaCroix (she/they)


Céleste is an emerging creator, director and entrepreneur finishing her last year in theatre at York. Céleste is nothing less than fascinated with the world around them and hopes to continue creating art that captures and communicates its wonders. She is immensely proud of her company, Thought Rot Theatre, and the entire 2021 fourth year Devised Theatre class.


Julia Murphy (she/her)


Julia is an emerging theatre creator, director and dramaturg. Her recent credits include dramaturgical work for multiple shows in the 2021 York playGround Festival, assistant directing Theatre@York’s productions of 365 Days / 365 Plays and Mortified, and directing V-Day @ York’s 2020 production of The Vagina Monologues. To Julia, theatre is a place to explore, expand on and share the human experience in a way that is accessible, creative, and undeniably unique. She is so grateful to have the opportunity with Thought Rot to do just that, and is incredibly excited to share HomeGrown with the world.


Matthew Sabido (he/him)


Matthew would like to thank Twinery and for hosting our idea and our show. He'd also like to thank all the people involved, all the late nights and boundless hours of work put into this show and the whole festival. Not least of all, he'd like to thank his group, friends, family, and Chars for their support in the process and his growth as a creator. Wow what a journey, and what an amazing result that came from the steps along the way!

Stollery Headshot.jpg

Kaitlyn Stollery (she/her)

Stage Manager

Kaitlyn is a fourth year Theatre student here at York University. Aside from stage managing, she just finished acting in two of the three plays in Vanier College Productions’ Radio Play Festival, including playing Krissie in Bitch Sessions and Trixie Flanders in Radio Play Disaster. She was a cast member of the Vanier Improv Company for her third year in a row, and has acted in four other productions with VCP. She was also the lighting designer for Show Choir (2018) and On Its Way MP’s Next to Normal (2019).


Quanah Lawrence (she/her)

Web Designer

Quanah is a 5th year film production student. She worked as a TD for Vainer College Productions for 3 years and is excited to be involved in DTF for the third year in row.


Mercedes Clunie (she/her)

Publicity Manager

Mercedes (a.k.a Meche) is a second year acting major at York University and is so excited to be working with Thought Rot this year! Mercedes has worked as an Assistant Director and Assistant Stage Manager for Jew(ish), one of York’s fifteen minute playground shows. She is also a poem contributor for this year’s V-Day. Mercedes has previously performed in Vagina Monologues (2020), Something Wicked (Playground 2020), and Vanier Improv Company (2019/2020). She can't wait for you to indulge in this amazing show!



What do I do if the screen freezes or the audio won't play?

Clear your browser's cookies & press restart. Google Chrome is the best browser for this show!

Is there a time limit?

We invite you to go at your own pace, but keep in mind that there is another show tonight! The average show time is 45-55 minutes.

Can I take a break?

Yes, absolutely! We want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire experience, and we know that some of our worlds can be a little overwhelming. Take all the time you need, we'll be here when you come back. What do I do if I'm having technical trouble?

Go to our Facebook page 

or our Email

to send us a message, we will be around all night to help in any way!

Can I skip ahead?

While we encourage you to engage with the content as much as possible, if you feel that the world isn't right for you then feel free to skip ahead.

What if I don't have some of the materials listed in the world's instructions?

We welcome your creativity within the worlds, so if you don't have something, feel free to adapt the instructions to suit your needs.