by Bondfire

Elemental follows the four elements and their other two sisters Spirit and Aurora. They navigate their complex relationships with each other and the humans, while now communicating through digital mediums during the pandemic. Aurora struggles to find her place within the sisters’ dynamic, causing global chaos and shaking up the group. Though they struggle with miscommunication, they must collectively work together to bring balance to the world.

Content Warnings: Swearing, Loud Noises/Alarms, Flashes of Light, Mentions of Death


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Cast & Crew

Adelaide Headshot.jpeg

Adelaide Dolha (she/her)


Adelaide Dolha has been studying devised theatre for three years and has been a part of various productions such as the Playground Festival at York with parts including Christina in "The Working Class Child" and a Park Dweller in "The Pigeon Play". As well she has performed The Vagina Workshop in the "Vagina Monologues" and devised theatre projects such as Alice in Wonderland and Verbatim piece. Catch her this year in Playground as a Dead Patron in "Burgatory" and the ASM for "The Trying Times of Sister Bunny." Adelaide has been developing her love of theatre and performing since she was nine and is excited to be working on a show with such talented individuals!


Megi Kaca (she/her)


Megi is in her fourth year at York University completing her BFA in Theatre, specializing in devised theatre and playwriting. Through her years in the program, she has written for The Ashley Plays (2019), for The Red/White Project (2019, 2020), and Birth Day for PlayGround 2018. Megi has also been in three consecutive musical productions at Vanier College Productions (2018-2020) and an actor in PlayGround 2018, The Vagina Monologues, and PlayGround 2020. She is excited to help devise a show and explore all the opportunities theatre has to offer, in the chaos of time. Whatever that is.


Selena Otello (she/her)


Over the past four years that Selena has been at York, she has been a part of various productions. They include “The Doors Will Open On The Left” “The Trying Times of Sister Bunny”, “9-5”, “Shrek The Musical”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”,“The Vagina Monologues” and many others. Selena has had a love for performing since she was a little girl doing extra work all throughout the City. Selena would like to thank her friends and family as well as everyone on the Bondfire team for all the support and hard work that went into creating “Elemental”. You can follow Selena on Instagram @selenaotello


Hailey Perrault (she/her)


Hailey Perrault is overjoyed to be performing in this year’s Devised Theatre Festival alongside her classmates/theatre family. Speaking of family, Hailey would like to extend a huge thank you to her team of family and friends. Her work would not be what it is without the support she has received throughout her life and education. She hopes that Elemental provides you with at least a portion of the joy that it has brought her. If you would like to know more about Hailey, her body of work, and her future adventures, follow her @hailz.bb10 on Instagram.

Cassie Headshot.jpg

Cassie Weir (she/her)


Cassie Weir is a Toronto based actor, dramaturge, and choreographer currently completing her BA in Theatre with a specialization in Devised Theatre and Dramaturgy at York University. She is influenced as a creator by the relationships within her own life as a daughter, sister, and friend. Previous acting credits include The Addams Family, The Vagina Monologues and various film projects. You can follow Cassie for more updates about Bondfire @peanut_koala.


Fiona Vandermyden (she/her)

Creator/ Air/ Bondfire Media

Fiona Vandermyden is a Toronto based artist specializing in many different forms! She is currently in her fourth year at York University doing her BFA in Theatre. Before Bondfire Fiona has been found acting in the ‘Yorks Playground Festival’ for The Untitled Bread Project (2019) and Pigeon play (2020), she was also an assistant stage manager for Rose’s Thoughts On The Raft (2018) and had been a Lighting designer for Devised theatre festival from 2019-2020. She was also the Festival photographer for Playground last year and she currently runs her photography account @effervescent_productions and you can follow her to keep up with other projects that she gets into, and see behind the scenes work for Bondfire!


Ola Mularczyk (she/her)

Stage Manager

Ola Mularczyk (Stage Manager) is thrilled to be a part of such an incredible team of creators like Bondfire Productions. Ola is a third year theatre major in the devised theatre stream at York University and this is her third year stage managing a show in the Devised Theatre Festival. She has a passion for arts and entertainment management and hopes to continue down this path to help creators in bringing their art to life.


Maeve Weishar (she/her)

Assistant Stage Manager

Maeve is a second year theatre production student and will be the assistant stage manager!! Last year in playGround, Maeve was the assistant stage manager for Pigeon Play and the assistant stage manager/co-choreographer for Strength and Other lessons my Mother Taught Me. This year, in playGround Maeve was the stage manager for Burgertory and the co-choreographer for Smaller World. She was also the APSM/ATD for the playGround festival. This year Maeve is also acting as an assistant stage manager in this year's production of V-Day.

Fran Headshot.jpg

Fran Falcone (she/her)


Fran Falcone is an artist who combines her love of improv, psychology, and teaching into her world of dramaturgy. She is a fourth year student at York University majoring in theatre with a speciality in performance creation and research, and dramaturgy along with doing a minor in psychology and earning her BEd concurrently. Fran is the dramaturg for the play Elemental and she is loving the adventure these six elements has been taking her on in finding their unique voices and journey’s throughout the writing process. Her previous dramaturgy works include the Red/White (2019-2020), Spitting Image (2019), and Ashely Plays (2018-2019).


Braden Henderson
Christopher Jacobs

Sound Designers

Braden (right) and Christopher (left) are two peas in the same cephalopod, and are excited to make noises for y’all to experience through your ear-holes. These two mad-lads have partaken on a plethora of theatrical adventures - which they won't go into the minutia about - but are eager to add their audible flavor to this already magnificent production. The FIRE that burns in the hearts of these special pals will undoubtedly add mad DRIP that accentuates the SPIRIT of the show, and although these two may seem like a couple of AIR-heads, they promise that they are actually pretty down to EARTH. Working alongside such a talented cast and crew, the overall AU(RO)RA of the group truly makes this a project that they are excited to be a part of. They hope you enjoy every ELEMENT of the show, and look forward to hearing about all the future successes of the Bondfire Team.