Devised Theatre Festival 2021

Production Team


Isaiah-John Sison (he/him)

Production manager

Isaiah-John is a deviser, performer, composer, and designer. His credits include creating The Play-Doh Project (2020), composing for The Antigone Play (2020), and sound designing for The Trying Times of Sister Bunny (2021). He would like to thank God, his friends, family, mentors, and audiences for being a great source of joy, energy, and support. He enjoys ideating, writing and teaching music, and believes in a future where interdisciplinary collaboration between arts & culture and industries becomes the norm in society. He is currently completing his BA in Theatre and BFA in Music.

Sienna White (she/her)


Sienna White is a fourth-year theatre student at York University, with focus on devised theatre. She enjoys working in all areas of theatre and takes every new project as an opportunity to learn.  Having worked on and off stage, her credits include directing, devising, sound design, acting, and working as a theatre/live event technician. She has worked previously as a production assistant on a York University production of Middletown (2019) and as a assistant director for the Antigone Play (2020). Sienna is very excited for you to see her latest endeavor, Checkpoint.

Chloe Headshot.JPG

Chloe Currie (she/her)

Head of Broadcasting

Chloe is very excited to be presenting HomeGrown to its first audience. While devising is her main passion, she also loves working behind the scenes as a stage manager. Her most recent stage managing credits include Theatre@York’s production of The Antigone Play, as well as There’s a Ghost in the House, which premiered at York’s 2020 playGround festival. Chloe would like to thank the wonderful Thought Rot team, as well as her incredible peers in the 2021 graduating class. Growing and learning alongside these talented individuals has been such a blessing, and Chloe cannot wait to see the great things they will all accomplish in the future.

Megi Kaca (she/her)

Marketing Lead

Megi is in her fourth year at York University completing her BFA in Theatre, specializing in devised theatre and playwriting. Through her years in the program, she has written for The Ashley Plays (2019), for The Red/White Project (2019, 2020), and Birth Day for PlayGround 2018. Megi has also been in three consecutive musical productions at Vanier College Productions (2018-2020) and an actor in PlayGround 2018, The Vagina Monologues, and PlayGround 2020. She is excited to help devise a show and explore all the opportunities theatre has to offer, in the chaos of time. Whatever that is.


Selena Otello (she/her)

Publicity Lead

Over the past four years that Selena has been at York, she has been a part of various productions. They include “The Doors Will Open On The Left” “The Trying Times of Sister Bunny”, “9-5”, “Shrek The Musical”, “Six Characters in Search of an Author”,“The Vagina Monologues” and many others. Selena has had a love for performing since she was a little girl doing extra work all throughout the City. Selena would like to thank her friends and family as well as everyone on the Bondfire team for all the support and hard work that went into creating “Elemental”. You can follow Selena on Instagram @selenaotello

Araceli Ferrara (she/they)

Festival Designer and Front-of-House

Araceli Ferrara is a fourth theatre student at York University, specializing in Devised Theatre and Dramaturgy with a minor in history. Araceli is a lover of theatre; you can often find her working on her own play or helping with someone else’s. Born and raised in Toronto, she is the daughter of a refugee and celebrates her Chilean and Italian heritage. Araceli is an emerging playwright and director; some of her past credits include Bug (playwright/director), There’s a Ghost in the House (playwright/director), and SOL (playwright).


Jiafan "Felix" Hao (he/him)

Festival Designer and Web Developer

Jiafan “Felix” Hao is an actor, director, playwright, and devisor. He is in his last year of his BFA in Performance Creation specializing in Devised Theatre at York University. He was born in China. This is also his fourth year in Canada. He is taking root in Toronto theatre community and trying to do his best to express his creativity on stage.

Felix’s previous credit include The Trying Times of Sister Bunny(creator/devisor/actor/video editor), Revolt. She said. Revolt again (assistant director), Antigone (actor), Wet (actor), There’s a Ghost in the House (assistant director), Finger Painting (creator/actor/playwright), She² & He² (director/playwright)

Follow Felix's Instagram @felix_hjf

David Jansen (he/him)

Festival Advisor & Course Instructor

David is an actor, director, and educator. As an actor, he has performed leading and supporting roles in theatres throughout Canada and the U.K. As a director he recently adapted/directed The Oresteia at Randolph College for the Performing Arts, and has worked at the Thousand Islands Playhouse, George Brown Theatre School, Ryerson, and BeMe Theatre in Munich, among others. Currently he is an assistant professor at York University where he teaches devised theatre practice as well as graduate courses in performance studies.