by First Person Theatre

Checkpoint is a show/playable game about life after death and explores being trapped in the world of limbo. Puzzle solving is a key element to this play and your success in solving them will impact the story’s outcome. The audience or ‘players’ will also be able to make choices concerning dialogue and actions that will effect the experience of the play and change the ending. Are you ready to help Charlie as he sets off on the adventure of his death?

Content warning for discussion of death and dying. This show will be interactive and put on via Zoom.


Checkpoint Teaser


Cast & Crew

Sienna White (She_Her) (1).jpeg

Sienna White (she/her)

Creator/ Director

Sienna White is a fourth-year theatre student at York University, with focus on devised theatre. She enjoys working in all areas of theatre and takes every new project as an opportunity to learn.  Having worked on and off stage, her credits include directing, devising, sound design, acting, and working as a theatre/live event technician. She has worked previously as a production assistant on a York University production of Middletown (2019) and as a assistant director for the Antigone Play (2020). Sienna is very excited for you to see her latest endeavor, Checkpoint.


Chihang Lui (he/him)

Creator/ Director/ Playwright

 Sound designer/ Game designer

Chi Hang Lui is a 4th year student in Devised Theatre. He is currently residing in his hometown Hong Kong. His thought of combining Theatre and Games is always something that he wanted to try.

Gaetano Peritore (He_Him).jpg

Guy Peritore (he/him)


Guy Peritore is a 2nd year student in the DT stream. He currently resides in Oakville, ON. He loves acting, directing, writing and photography. He's past experience includes, actor in playGround 2020, Lou Gomez in Webbed, Jimmy in Private Eye Apple Pie and his work in An Unexpected Killer S2. If you ever hear someone passionately talking about the gym, riding a penny board on campus or pretending to be the main character in the musical he's jamming's probably him.

Matthew Cava Ferraro (He_Him).jpg

Matthew Cava-Ferraro (he/him)


Welcome to Limbo! I’m Matthew Cava-Ferraro, my favorite game currently is Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m a second year theater student currently studying Devised Theater. I was previously in Pigeon Play (2020), Red Rover (2021), and Burgertory (2021) in York’s Playground Festival. I’m super excited I get to be a part of Checkpoint, and it’s been an honor to work with the ever amazing and talented cast and crew, and I can’t wait to see you all on the other side!

Hasib Rahim (He_Him).jpg

Hasib Rahim (he/him)


Hasib Rahim is a second-year BFA student studying Devised Theatre. Hasib is a fanatic of video game culture and is thrilled to be working on this show.


Natalie Stefanson (she/her)


Natalie is thrilled to be performing in Checkpoint with First Person Theatre for this year’s Devised Theatre Festival. Her favourite game is a tie between Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart. She wants to express her gratitude for First Person Theatre, as they gave her an opportunity to do what she loves during a pandemic! Natalie also wants to thank her sister, Reyna, for fuelling her Wii addiction over the winter break.

Hannah Smith (She_Her).jpg

Hannah Smith (she/her)

Stage Manager

Hannah is very honoured to be working with such an amazing group of talented and inspiring individuals. She hopes you enjoy the show as well as the whole festival!!

Natasha Advani Thangkhiew (She_Her).jpg

Natasha Advani Thangkhiew (she/her)


Natasha is an eighteen year old, first year theatre student at York University. She was born and raised in India. She wants to learn and explore the art and different mediums of storytelling throughout her life. She believes that creating and consuming stories allow people to give themselves the permission to feel, which is what unites people. She is creating her first show “Mirror” that will be shown at Paprika Festival this June. She is passionate about directing, writing, dramaturgy, and performing, and constantly strives for improvement.