Bondfire has a special interest in: Exploring people and their passions through stories and spreading them like wildfire Creating a gathering point for people to relate to one another and build a connection in a common creative community through stories Supporting feisty, passionate, and eager collectives of emerging artists in a variety of different genres structures and styles Providing genuine and authentic moments of life done in unique and fun ways

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Constellation Productions

Constellations Productions is committed to finding joy and nostalgia while constantly adapting in these uncertain times. We are determined to create a relaxing, entertaining and meaningful experience for all ages through the use of satirical comedy and musical elements.


First Person Theatre

First Person Theatre is a company that is dedicated to creating theatre that immerses the audiences into the world of video games. They are a two person team who strive to emotionally impact their audience and address serious questions while still entertaining. The shows are an escape from daily life, with a meaningful audience experience.

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Hexad Theory Collective

The Hexad Theory Collective creatively challenges normative moral assumptions through deconstructive processes that ask our audiences to critically analyze and explore their worldview.


Thought Rot Theatre

Thought Rot Theatre is dedicated to producing sensory, immersive, physical theatre that explores the complexities of authentic, individual and collective human experiences. Our work aims to consider and investigate these realities through various collaborative forms of creation.

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