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Cotton County Musical

by Constellation Production

Our show is a satire-comedy musical about 4 dynamic and quirky teenagers who are seniors in high school and theatre students auditioning for the school musical. The show light-heartedly deals with serious topics of sexuality, fitting in, the ‘Heineken’-19 pandemic and stress about the future. The musical shows the four characters Audrey, Luna, Maria and Noah who are all cast in Beauty and the Beast and want to put on the best show Cotton County High has ever produced, ever. They are very dramatic and extraverted theatre students in their senior year and will do whatever it takes to steal the spotlight, showcasing theatre student culture. Theatre kids gotta stick together and the show must go on. Each of the characters goals is to be their authentic selves. The purpose of this show is to showcase these 4 stars and connect them to make a constellation.

Content Warning: mild light flashes, theatre kids


Cotton County Musical Teaser


Cotton County Musical Trailer


Cast & Crew


Joshua Hughes (he/him)

Creator/ Composer/ Noah DickInson/ Lyricist  Costume Designer/ Makeup & Hair Designer

Joshua Hughes is an icon, legend and star. He has performed on stage his entire life, since 4 years old and he is over the moon excited for his future as a performer. Joshua is excited to play Noah DickInSon and the Beast in “Cotton County Musical”. He is also excited for everyone to hear and see the hard work he and his theatre company have put into creating this musical. Joshua finally wants to thank his family, company, DT class and David for believing and supporting him, as he shines brighter than ever before. ✨

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Lizzie Hall (she/her)

Creator/ Maria Andrews/ Writer

Composer/ Lyricist/ Dramaturg

Lizzie Hall is looking forward to graduating this summer from Devised Theatre. She has had a great four years at York getting to practice theatre and work with such creative people. She would also like to thank her friends and family who have supported her in her career path. She hopes you enjoy the show! Thank you as well to DT for an incredible four years.

Sam Uhl.JPG

Samantha Uhl (she/her)

Creator/ Audrey Winestock
Composer/ Lyricist

Samantha is in her 4th year at York University, currently finishing her BFA in Devised Theatre and Playwriting. Samantha has been showcased in many York productions including Playground Festival – Superliked – Charlotte (2020), Falling In, Walking Out - Charlie (2021) and Words That Start With L - Sadie (2021). She has also stage managed in the Playground Festival – She2 & He2, The Vagina Monologues (2020), and HAGS (2020). She is beyond excited to share this musical with the world, and would like to thank her company for the continued support and dedication to the project.

Yawen Zhang.jpg

Yawen Zhang (she/her)

Creator/ Luna Lim/ Choreographer

Yawen is a 4th-year devised theatre student with the passion of being a good performer and creator. She has done shows for playground festival, VCP and etc. Besides theatre, she was also trained in music and dance. As theatre creator, she hopes to make use of what she's learned to create dreams and build fantacies for the audience! No matter from theatre itself, music, or dance. In addition, she hopes her works are not only entertaining, but also philosophical, that reflect subject matters and social problems. She is really happy and honored to work with Constellation Company this season!


Ky Wellington (they/she/he)

Stage Manager

Ky is a third-year Theatre Production student. This is their first time working on the DTFestival and working with OBS and they are so excited for this incredible experience. They are incredibly proud of their company members and the amazing work they’ve put in to this show and can’t wait to see what else these lovely folks accomplish!