by Bondfire

Elemental is about six elements personified as sisters. They must navigate the challenges of modern communication in order to reach a greater understanding of how to practice their purpose. In these Covid times, will they be able to manage their relationships, passions, and lives or will they disconnect from one another and the world as we know it?

CCM POSTER 2021.jpg

Cotton County Musical

by Constellation Productions

Follow Maria, Noah, Audrey, and Luna as they try to put on their school's production of Beauty and the Beast. Each character struggles with their own insecurities, and high school is tough. Can they pull it off?



by First Person Theatre

Checkpoint is a show about life after death and the particular journey of a man named Charlie. When his death comes Charlie has some unfinished business to attend to that sends him on his journey through the video game inspired world of limbo. The audience will be responsible for Charlie’s fate as they help him solve puzzles along the way.


Worm's World

by Hexad Theory Collective

Worm is a young tech investor who has built their own intelligent computer, ARTI. They spend hours working on ARTIs software, and ARTI develops their own observations about Worm.



by Thought Rot Theatre

HomeGrown is an immersive online theatrical experience that invites its participants to explore the possibilities in their space, in their circumstances and in themselves. Originally formed as an in-person performance that would explore what it would be like to enter a sound, HomeGrown has developed into an online encounter that prioritizes the audience's personal journey. By carving your own path, you take from this show whatever you give, and in turn, have a chance to reflect on it. Welcome home, we've missed you.