Worm's World

by Hexad Theory Collective

Today is Worm's birthday, but their family has completely bailed on them for a different party. So now they've decided to work on their latest project, an artificial intelligence with a basic personality system, which they are slowly upgrading using The Program. Worm has plans for the night, and brings ARTI along...

Content Warning: Flashing Lights


Worm's World Teaser


Cast & Crew

Sadie Wells Liddy she_her.PNG

Sadie Wells Liddy (she/they)


Sadie is a part time charlatan, and a full time mover and shaker. She also plays the roles of post-secondary student and minimum wage employee from time to time. Sadie has had the most recent honour of participating in “The Morning I Died I flew Over the Tobacco Fields” as well as creating and performing in York University’s 2020/21 Playground Festival. Sadie looks forward to sharing the magic of the 2020/21 Devised Theatre festival with you.


Araceli Ferrara (she/they)

Creator/ARTI (Voice)

Araceli Ferrara is a fourth theatre student at York University, specializing in Devised Theatre and Dramaturgy with a minor in history. Araceli is a lover of theatre; you can often find her working on her own play or helping with someone else’s. Born and raised in Toronto, she is the daughter of a refugee and celebrates her Chilean and Italian heritage. Araceli is an emerging playwright and director; some of her past credits include Bug (playwright/director), There’s a Ghost in the House (playwright/director), and SOL (playwright).

Jiafan _Felix_ Hao (he_him).jpg

Jiafan "Felix" Hao (he/him)

Creator/ARTI (Physical)/Video Editor

Jiafan “Felix” Hao is an actor, director, playwright, and devisor. He is in his last year of his BFA in Performance Creation specializing in Devised Theatre at York University. He was born in China. This is also his fourth year in Canada. He is taking root in Toronto theatre community and trying to do his best to express his creativity on stage.

Felix’s previous credit include The Trying Times of Sister Bunny(creator/devisor/actor/video editor), Revolt. She said. Revolt again (assistant director), Antigone (actor), Wet (actor), There’s a Ghost in the House (assistant), Finger Painting (creator/actor/playwright), She² & He² (director/playwright)

Felix is grateful and excited to be a part of this unique experience and want to thank the whole team for their hard work.

Follow Felix's Instagram @felix_hjf​


Leanne Connor (she/her)


Leanne is in her 4th year of Devised Theatre at York and is proud to be apart of a show that has challenged the way we describe theatre. From here, she is hoping to continue her education for a Masters in Music and directing for the stage. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does!

Britney Seo (She_Her) .jpg

Britney Seo (she/her)


Britney is a fourth year theatre student who is also doing a double major in creative writing. As far as she can remember, she's always been someone that enjoys storytelling, performance, and art in general. Being in DT for the past three years has been a great experience for her as it has allowed her to explore her capabilities as an artist, and working with other devoted creative minds is always a plus!

Madeleine Vogelaar (she.her).jpeg

Madeleine Vogelaar (she/her)

Creator/ Projection Designer/ Stream Technician

Madeleine Vogelaar is a storyteller based in what we now know as Toronto. She won the Best Stage Manager award for her work on Ernest and the Pale Moon (2017) and a Best Actress award for her work on A Christmas Graduate (2018). Most recently, she worked on The Trying Times of Sister Bunny (2020) as a Creator and Performer, to tell the story of a grieving mother. Madeleine's passion lies in telling stories in an honest and unforgiving way. She aspires to be a New Play Dramaturg, working with emerging playwrights to bring Canadian stories to the stage.

Stage Manager- Hayley Crowder(she_her).j

Hayley Crowder (she/they)

Stage Manager

Hayley is in the fourth year of her Art History degree at York University. Their excitement about theatre and performance art has encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone and explore during her time in university. Hayley has worked as an ASM, Assistant Director and Stage Manager for the PlayGround Festival, but this is their first large scale show. She is thrilled to be taking yet another new step! She thanks the rest of her team for their hard work this year and hopes everyone enjoys the festival! Cheers!

Assistant Stage Manager - Karolina Solov

Karolina Solovka (she/her)

Assistant Stage Manager

Karolina Solovka is a Third Year Devised Theatre student and is super excited to be an Assistant Stage Manager for Hexad Theory Collective! Karolina would like to thank the company and everyone involved for making this such an incredible experience. Her past credits include Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again- Assistant Director to Alison Wong, Swallow This Skin-VDay@York 2021 (Stage Manager), Our Mothers and Fathers- Playground 2020 (Stage Manager), Black Dahlias- Playground 2020 (The Innocent), Refraction-Devised Theatre Festival 2019 (Assistant Stage Manager) and The Vagina Monologues- VDay@York 2019 (Hair).

Lighting Designer_Amelia Mielke-O'Grady

Amelia Mielke-O’Grady (she/her)

Lighting Designer

Amelia Mielke-O’Grady is a graduating production and design student here at York, and worked as lighting designer for Hexad Theory Collective. She is grateful to the team and enjoyed collaborating with them to create this project. Amelia’s previous work includes set, costume, and lighting design credits for the playGround Festival and production management for Theatre@York’s Elizabeth Rex. Most recently she was one of the artistic directors for playGround 2021. You can check out her work on Instagram @ameliahope.designs.

Video Designer - Boyan Demchuk (he_him).

Boyan Demchuk (he/him)

Video Designer & Editor

Boyan Demchuk is a student in his fourth year of the Film Production Honours BFA. While not a student of theatre he has been an active member of the theatre community since childhood and loves the live element of the art form.


Keira Johnston (she/her)

Lighting Technician

Keira Johnston is a Fourth-year theatre production student at York University. She is very excited to have had the opportunity to be a Lighting Technician for Worm’s World. Keira has previously worked as the Lighting Designer of UBU REDUX, Something Wicked for the playGround festival and Head Of Props for Goodnight Desdemona Goodmorning Juliet for Theatre@York. She would like to thank Amelia and the Hexad Theory Collective for being incredible to work with. To continue following Keira’s journey you can see her work at the Bloom Dance Production in May and follow her at @keiramjohnston on Instagram.

Sarah Soares Headshot.JPG

Sarah Soares (she/her)

Lighting Technician

Sarah Soares is a 4th year Theatre Production and Design student, and the Light and Sound Technician for the York University Theatre department. Her previous credits include Technical Director for the Theatre@York installation Ubu Redux, Sound Designer for the playGround Festival show Burgertory, and Production Assistant and Stage Manager at Burlington Student Theatre.  She would like to thank the Hexad Theory Collective and Devised Theatre Festival team for all their hard work!